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The Same Ten People at Every Forum Meeting

We provide a proven and tested proprietary process that forum members use to help each other enhance their professional and personal performance.

We Get It


Medical professionals are hyperextended, balancing patient care, staffing turmoil, and personal burnout in financially stressed hospitals.


Business leaders and managers confront a “perfect storm” of economic uncertainty, technological disruption, and employee activism.


Education leaders and teachers are coping with dropping national test scores, decreasing parental support, and school safety concerns.



Provides Medical professionals a safe place to address the personal stresses of today’s hospital environment. We guide medical professionals as they tap into the collective wisdom of peers for clinical, financial, and management solutions.


Empowers Business leaders and managers with a platform to share best practices, learn leadership skills, collaborate on high priority company projects, and form lasting bonds that foster future cooperation and knowledge transfer.


Enables Education leaders and teachers to renew their passion and talents for helping students by tapping into the insights and energies of peers to find solutions to classroom challenges.

Our Process

“Come as strangers. Stay together as bonded confidants.”

Stepping into the Yancy Forums proprietary process, members engage in dozens of learning activities independently and with their peers. As they progress in their journey, members gain respect and build trust with their peers, creating an increasingly strong base for productive collaboration, mutual support, and lifelong bonds and connections.

Success by the Numbers

Results of a confidential internal survey of medical professionals conducted by Dr. Kristine Olson, MD MSc Chief Wellness Officer and Director of Work-Life, Well-Being Analytics at YaleNewHavenHealth, revealed the following outcomes in partnering with Yancy Forums. The process benefits participants and their organization. 


Are more connected to colleagues throughout Yale Health


Feel they have a secure “safe place” with peers


Confident that they emerged as a better leader


Are more skilled at problem solving


Are more likely to stay at Yale Health for their entire career

Our Forum Community

See How We’ve Helped Others

The key to the Forums' remarkable success is creating a supportive psychological and emotional safe space for participants. This allows open and honest discussions in which members share their greatest challenges and opportunities with peers and develop effective solutions together. The Forums employ a proven structured, defined process that prompts participants to advise and encourage their colleagues, hold each other accountable, and ultimately form bonds of trust.

Michael E. Ivy, MD, FACS, FCC

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Principals and Superintendents face the same heavy burdens of leadership, facing big decisions under severe pressure with high visibility and, in the case of school leaders, high levels of public accountability. I have received glowing testimonials from Forum members. The supportive relationships formed often sustain leaders in their careers, often in the face of daunting circumstances.

Former Connecticut Acting Commissioner of Education

The forum experience has been a great asset to me professionally and personally. Meeting with colleagues allows me a "safe" place to discuss goals and action steps that have allowed me to grow in my professional career. The experience is well worth the time, money, and effort each year.

From a New Haven school principal

I was overwhelmed by the hectic pace of the new district, numerous new initiatives the district wanted to implement.....this group has been worthwhile and beneficial to me both personally and professionally. In closing, my experience with Yancy Forums has been in a word: priceless.

Principal of a major school within a large CT school district

“Making a difference in the world, one small group at a time.”

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